Create Auto ClubEdit

At Rank 20, the player is able to create a Auto Club.

Club Rank SystemEdit

Clubs can rank up all the way to 20. Receiving rewards, to each member of the club. And then kicking eveyones ass  at a high level!

Note: This is for people who have no money or jobs. :)

The PotEdit

Club members need to race in order to fill the pot. Once it is filled, each member is awarded the Pot Payout.

Club LeaderboardsEdit

There are two leaderboards, EXP Earned and Distance Driven. The top 50% of members in each of the leaderboards will receive a credit prize at the end of the week.

Club MembersEdit

In the members section of the club, there is a chat, where players can talk to each other, and even see the member list, and ranks of all the members.

Club ShopEdit

Club members can purchase some bonuses to help the club out.

Ranking upEdit

By getting exp for your auto club, it can achieve a higher rank. When ranking up, a reward will be payed out to all club members.